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Past Exhibitions # 2

juin 8, 2011

« Robert Montgomery’s unexpected poetic interventions started in the urban land-scape. Hijacking and repurposing physical structures built into our cities from which we are customarily bombarded with advertising messages, Montgomery offers us the possibility of re-connecting with a spirituality we have unwittingly lost. He captures our attention by pasting poems over adverts in bus shelters in London, Edinburgh, Newcastle and New York. Where we often see advertising without really noticing it, Montgomery’s subtle poetic word-art-overlays are impossible to ignore. »  Andi Mindel

Robert Montgomery, Emotional Emergency, Analix Forever, 2009

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  1. aslh permalink
    juin 17, 2011 5:24

    Although this aspect of art has already been seen (talking about lights ad neons), light is good with a new glance. « …et la lumière fut ! »… it’s always so good and healthy to have an artist doubled by a philosopher, so sage…. who reminds us to keep those we love Inside us to make them live forever.

    Are they things or human beings ? dead or alive? is it earth or spacial spirit ? things or human that once had a reason for being.
    if they’re are dead things can last forever or much longer with a bit of attention, repare and care for new functions.
    A new life corresponding with ecology.
    And rememberence make people last forever after death. They become ghosts perhaps, or spirits or thoughts or whatever. what if they are alive? Living Human beings ? Wouldn’t it be wise to accompany them, respect them, care and share their emotions: thinking, playing, suffering, working, crying, shouting, hating, Laughing, and loving, that’s life even if sometimes it damages us. this is worth for souvenirs.
    Or should we just carry them like a wallet, something with no flesh no blood and no emotions, thinking about them without beeing there. they’re just ghosts of the past after all.
    They do not need us to be there, do they ?
    Does Caring means time and respect ?and does time means not to many or to much or to quick ? Is Health love or the other way around. Does love needs respect, time and caring and caring even more time on earth to make souvenirs.and a real ghost with a good and kind spirit ? Ouh la la ! ☺
    Just for fun and caring.

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