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personal effectsonsale , Bologna, during Artefiera, January 27th – 29th 2012

janvier 24, 2012

personal effectsonsale







Padiglione dell’Esprit Nouveau
piazza Costituzione 11 Bologna

January 27th-29th 2012

opening January 26th 2012 h 6pm

personal effectsonsale starts from the personal object.

The artist is by definition a “fanatic” of the material and an accumulator of things. Useful things or just funny ones. Abandoned and found things or adopted things. Common or extraordinary objects. Things that will be used to make an art work or that will remain nearly-forgotton in a corner of the studio. Objects that, as Jean Baudrillard teaches, assume meanings which go beyond their function and set up a system of signs.

personal effectsonsale is an exhibition created by a group of curators, art historians, artists, architects and media experts, scheduled in occasion of the next edition of Art First (January 26th-30th) at the historic Esprit Nouveau Pavilion designed by Le Corbusier and built-up in Bologna in ’77 in front of the Fair’s entrance.

The personal effectsonsale format stays way from Art Market dynamics and from classic exhibition set-up rules, staging not art works but artists’ personal effects, biographical findings and tangible expressions of individuality. A choice which sets up a narrative interpretation, that let the public directly enter the artist’s personal imaginary.

National and international artists of different generations are invited to send their personal effects: ordinary objects, books, souvenirs, musical suggestions, clothing or tools. The result will be an installation that, as a visual diary, offers an intimate and inedited perception on the owners’ identity. It witnesses memories, views, habits, preferences, artistic, cultural and social references, through the objects which the public can buy.

Personal fragments become of public domain and carry a story with them which the spectator will discover. In order to do that he must put himself on stake with a bet about identity: the artists’ list will be public but the objects will remains anonymous and their paternity will be revealed only after purchase, discovering unexpected affinities.

The exhibition will then change constantly, gradually emptying the items purchased by visitors which, in this way, partecipate actively in the “re-construction” of the show.

Personal items – from one to three per artist – will be available to the visitor, who will be able to buy them at the symbolic, democratic and ironic price of 9.99 euros each.
The sale will be accompanied by a certificate of ownership signed by the artist himself.
The proceeds collected during the days of the exhibition will allow the project to publish a catalogue about this experience.

personal effectsonsale stages the artist’s object, and will be the sale that reactivates meanings on common details, in a narration by multiple voices which would like to be first of all a game.

a project by: Francesco Calzolari, David Casini, Viola Emaldi, Irene Guzman, Valentina Rossi, Marco Scotti, Sissi.

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