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Tuomo Manninen and his group

juin 6, 2012

Tuomo Manninen and his groups are in Photo Raw Magazine.

Tuomo Manninen is a specialist of human groups. Invited at Analix Forever in Geneva to present photographs of groups of workers for the Working Men show curated by Paul Ardenne & Barbara Polla, he photographed the group of working people at the gallery in less time than he ever did – and on his phone actually, although this is not his regular equipment.

But as Manninen says : everything has to work quickly. “If you can persuade people to be in a picture, you have to understand that they can’t be kept waiting. 15 minutes is the maximum. You have to resort to quick solutions and accept imperfection. In fast shooting situations I look for structures, group dynamics and people’s relationships to each other. It’s a bit like running the 110 meter hurdles with the water jump. But I don’t do things primarily because they are easy.”

After Working Men, Draw me Work ! Suddenly Tuomo Manninen also photographs himself alone… He is a whole group on his own sometimes – a “Legion” indeed… In particular when he incarnates himself as a KVA man – KAVEMAN ? ICEMAN ?

And here is what Manninen says about the group :

“People on a bus form a group. If the doors of the bus get jammed, the passengers will quickly turn into a group with its own roles. The time and the situation mould people in their places. The same characters are found in most groups: the manager, value leader, complainer and humorist. Things go more smoothly if you can identify them. You can tell jokes to the clown and hold the complainer’s hand. When you get a grip on the key people, the rest will also follow.”

“Many professions strengthen their identity and help identification by using uniforms. Security guards have them and so do go-go girls.”

“People who have influenced each other for a long time create uniforms even without actual working outfits. People affect each other. The process of becoming alike cannot be avoided. This makes me think about the flow of time, the big historical continuum that does not oscillate, whether we are in Kosovo, in Paris or in Helsinki.”


More on Photo Raw Magazine, by Ville Hänninen

Post originally published on Londerzeel Magazine’s Blog

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