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Video Forever Edition 11 * Contemporary Baroque * May 14th 7pm

mai 11, 2013

image : Burn, USA, 2002 by Reynold Reynolds and Patrick Jolley

On May 14th the next VideoForever session will be hosted at Frank Perrin’s Studio. Starting at 7pm.

Contemporary Baroque

The current infinite expansion of art and creation, the reign of appropriation, the trivialization of sampling, draw a deeply changing contemporary landscape. Beneath the still long-lasting more conventional works, we contemplate the emergence of renewed  » baroque  » forms, which abolish the thematic, stylistic and symbolic constraints and favor the multiplicity of creative approaches, the overflowing forms, and the never ending variety of art works. The video artists presented constitute an informal group characterized by the deep joy of creation, by the multiple references they dig out the history of the arts and revisit in their very personal way, and by a constant intermixing of our surrounding world and their own artistic personality. While actively questioning contemporary existence, they work at deepening their own baroque artistic individuality: take it all and make more out of it.

Contemporary Baroque as considered by art historian Paul Ardenne also includes the relationship to religion, the accumulation of forms being meant as a curtain to conceal the presence of death, and specific symbols such as fire, mirrors, gold, blood, swans… In his introductory conference, Paul Ardenne will also make reference to the Baroque as approached by Gilles Deleuze and compare and distinguish the classical baroque from the recurrent baroque of today.

With videos by

Aline Bouvy & John Gillis, courtesy Galerie Nosbaum & Reding, Luxembourg
Clayton Burkhart, courtesy Première Heure & Claire Marquet
Angie Eng, courtesy the artist
Vidya Gastaldon & Nathalie Rebholz, courtesy the artists
Claudia Hart, courtesy the artist
Marie Hendriks, courtesy the artist
Gabriela Maciel, courtesy L’Espace L, Genève
Andrea Mastrovito, courtesy the artist
Shana Moulton, courtesy Gregor Staiger, Zurich
Reynold Reynolds & Patrick Jolley, courtesy the artists
Frances Scholz, courtesy the artist, Cosima Von Bonin & Stop/the/bus productions
and a few more

After the projection, Nelson Beer will play a progressive baroque composition with digital instruments.

Please joint at :
Frank Perrin’s Studio
22 rue Visconti
Paris 7ème
door code : « P »

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