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Jhafis Quintero @ Loop Art Fair * Nuit des Musées * Venice Biennale

mai 18, 2013

La Hora Garrobo, 2013, © Jhafis Quintero


Loop Art Fair, Barcelona * 23 – 25 May 2013

La Hora Garrobo,video, 2013, Premiere

This video by Jhafis Quintero, produced specifically as a Première for LOOP, is the fifth of a series of ten videos, one for each year the artist spent in jail. La Hora Garrobo refers to the weight of time, to the sense of repetition and lack of future that characterizes life in jail. The harrowing sound of time that the artist included in La Hora Garrobo further deepens the anxiety of endlessness. And indeed, jail, here, as in other works by Quintero, means as much our psychological, social or emotional jails as any physical, « real » jail. Quintero uses his personal experiences to confront us to our own imprisonments, inability to communicate and fears. La Hora Garrobo is also about the body – the artist’s body as in all Quintero’s Haiku-like videos – the body, this irrevocable envelope that makes us human, enjoying sunlight or suffering form the lack thereof. Sunlight as the source of time, as evidence that the time of freedom might come back. In reality Quintero’s art is not about jail, it is about life. And about beauty: the esthetic dimension of his videos is breath-taking.

We only exist when we communicate, 2010, © Jhafis Quintero


La nuit des Musées, Chateau des Adhémar, Montélimar * 18 May 2013

We only exist when we communicate, video, 2010

This video is inspired by the so-called « solitary confinement »: special punitive imprisonment with no possibility for communication. In order to overcome « the limitation of being just a single person » (Diane Arbus), the inmate opens a hole in the wall of the cell and screams to the other on the other side of the wall. Both partners in communication tend to protect themselves by carrying a knife and avoiding becoming a fix target, while the viewer soon understands that the prison is just an allegory of our absolute need and infinite fear to interact with the other.

Knock-Out, 2010, © Jhafis Quintero


55th Venice Biennale * 1 June – 24 November 2013

Protesis, performance, 2013 and Knock-Out, video, 2010

In this video, Quintero boxes himself in a ludicrous play with another self – a video projection of himself. The protagonist, i.e., the artist, the inmate, the man, has a shadow, while the « other » does not – is it a vampire then ? The artist thus visually explores the struggle of establishing an effective dialogue with our own hidden self(s) as our most intimate enemy and tells us about our difficulty to reconcile our manifold faces. Such reconciliation however is an indispensable step towards any possibility of dialogue with each other : « Knock out » is not the way to go.

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