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Le 1er août à Analix Forever

août 4, 2014

Projection des vidéos de Jhafis Quintero
La Hora Garrobo & All the Way

1er août Capture d’écran 2014-08-04 à 08.13.23

These videos by Jhafis Quintero are part of a series of 10 videos, one for each year the artist spent in jail. They are referring to the weight of time, to the sense of repetition and lack of future that characterizes life in jail. Jail, in the videos by Quintero, means as much our psychological, social or emotional jails as the physical, “real” jail. Quintero uses his personal experiences to confront us to our own imprisonments, our own inability to communicate, our own fears and needs. All the way is about the journey some inmates hope to accomplish. After years of eternal repetition inside the walls, they stab themselves or cut their veins as a way to reach just one moment : some fragments and images from the outside world. La Hora Garrobo shows us a man, lying on the floor, following the sunshine’s light, trying to keep his body in this ephemeral light as it is moving out of his reach. The light gives us a sense of life, a dream of freedom. But as soon as we enjoy it, it has gone already.

Avec nos remerciements à la régie Bory pour permettre ces projections en extérieur.


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