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Maro Michalakakos opens wide “The Doors of Perception”

janvier 13, 2017

The doors of perception, Opening tonight, 6 pm

Galeri Nev İstanbul


©Maro Michalakakos

William Blake, Aldous Huxley, Henri Michaux…

The title of Maro Michalakakos’ exhibition,[1] The Doors of Perception, is inspired, firstly, by William Blake: “If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is: infinite.”[2] Secondly, by Aldous Huxley[3]’s Doors of Perception and the eponymous essay in the book that details the effects of mescaline on human perception and emphasizes the concept that all experiences are coloured by one’s perception of the world. Thirdly, Michalakakos’ “Doors of perception” are also reminiscent of Henri Michaux and his “Exalted Garden,”[4] in which he describes the effects of mescaline, of which he was a serious addict: “An infinite desire opened itself then closed again, a pulsation that did not weaken…an unknown savageness, a delectation above any delectation, a transgression towards the highest and the most intimate, where the unsaid remains secret and sacred. … a musical heart’s beat, the heart of trees, that we didn’t know, as they had hidden it, a huge vegetal heart, planetary, participating in the wholeness, found and finally perceived, heard by those possessed of the sovereign emotion that accompanies everything and takes over the Universe.”[5]

Maro Michalakakos, driven by a similar, infinite desire and the sovereign emotions that open the paths to creation, is also obsessed by the ambiguities of humanity, between the inevitable finitude and the always-renewed necessity to leave a trace, and also by the dualities of gender. Her work of art is a perpetual oxymoron between beauty and fear, reality and dreams, love and submission, the bond and the shackle, sensuality and cruelty, the soft protection of the domestic interior and the coercion it exerts. The artist spares us any statement, but opens the door of her own world in full elegance and offers us illusions and allusions to share and to look at through the glass of our own feelings. Animated by an infinite desire to express herself, she feels that: “You can take these works and turn them into nightmares. Or not. You can do whatever you want.”


Read the text, here.

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