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février 24, 2017



The FIFDH is the leading international event dedicated to film and human rights. For the past 15 years, the festival has taken place in the heart of Geneva, the human rights capital, parallel to the main session of the UN Human Rights Council in March. Each evening, the FIFDH provides high-level debates in which human rights violations are denounced and debated robustly, wherever they occur…

FIFDH also runs two international competitions – fiction and documentary – offering a world class selection of films that challenge the ways in which we see the world.
The FIFDH brings some of the biggest names in world cinema : Rithy Panh, Juliette Binoche, Joshua Oppenheimer, Joachim Lafosse, Amos Gitai, William Hurt, Abderrhamane Sissako, Nabil Ayouch, Gael Garcia Bernal, Reda Kateb, and Brillante Mendoza presented their films at the Festival.

During FIFDH, late Leila Alaoui’s photographs were shown at Maison des Arts du Grütli in 2016.
This year : mounir fatmi


Curator : Barbara POLLA

The walls of the exhibition space of maison des Arts du Grütli are entirely covered with As a Black Man photographs printed on cloth. As a Black Man is a tribute to journalist John Howard Griffin who decided to become black to better understand what it meant to be « Black like me »: a transformation darkened his very existence. Against this anguishing background as evidence of persistent racism, The Blinding Light series, evoking the « miracle effects » of the trans-racial and trans-cultural grafts, open new fields of hope.


At Analix Forever Geneva, during and after FIFDH

As part of the FIFDH, Abdul Rahman Katanani presents his emblematic olive trees in barbed wire. Oxymoron of violence and peace, these disturbing blooms are also a ferment of beauty and carry with them the essential message of the artist: the joy of life, even in the absurdity of camp life.


At Centre de la Photographie Genève

March 4, 11am
Conversation/Brunch between Sophia DJITLI, Angela MARZULLO & Barbara POLLA


March 19 – 4 pm
Within the exhibition by Debi CORNWALL, Welcome to Camp America
Frank SMITH reading Guantanamo
, introduction : Barbara Polla, Analix Forever
Centre de la Photographie de Genève, Bâtiment d’Art Contemporain,
28, rue des Bains

At Atelier AMI – art & partage

Until April
AMI & friends, with AMI
& Conrad BAKKER, Céline CADAUREILLE, Clara CITRON, Jacques COULAIS, Colin CYVOCT, Alexandre D’HUY, Regis FIGAROL, Gianluigi Maria MASUCCI, Robert MONTGOMERY, Charles MOODY, Rita NATAROVA, Pavlos NIKOLAKOPOULOS, Julien SERVE, Leonid TSVETKOV, Ornela VORPSI, Eric WINARTO

Atelier AMI, Rue du Gothard 6, Chêne-Bourg – Tram 12, Place Favre

March 11 – 20
Tuomo MANNINEN : First Artist in Residence @ Atelier AMI – art & partage
Thanks to ASAF (Association Suisse des amis de la Finlande) / Apurahasäätiö


March 15, 7:30pm

Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature
62 Rue des Archives, 75003 Paris

The Duet, the Double and the Doppelgänger are fundamental themes in the history of creation. Every Duo hides somewhere the notion of Duel: the duo, fundamental to reproduction and the duel, indispensable for survival. Video is an eminently literary medium that combines « sound and image; writing and publishing; fiction and documentary » (Enrique Ramirez). It is the medium of the Duo – whether by double projection, mirror image, speculum mentis, duet of the artist with himself, such as Shaun Gladwell (double in all his states), Matt Saunders (double as a portrait), Jhafis Quintero (notably in Knock Out, a real duel with its own shadow), or the duo staged, as in the films by Tom Pnini, Angela Marzullo, Dana Hoey, Shannon Plumb or Janet Biggs.

March 23-26
Drawing Now 2017, Carreau du Temple
Le piège esthétique

With mounir fatmi (focus)
& Alexandre D’HUY

What we call the « aesthetic trap » corresponds to an irreducible will of the three artists presented to give a visible form to their existential questions and internal revolts (whether borders, identity, gender or war). The aesthetic trap captures our attention, leads us to think and elaborate,fascinates us and leaves us with a sense of beauty. In particular, fatmi’s drawings of the series « Roots », presented here for the first time, address the philosophical questions of identity and borders : how can we possibly free ourselves from cultural confinements, transcend borders and share roots ?



Opening February 23
Eva Magyarosi on Collectionair



Ongoing at Galeri Nev , İstiklal Caddesi Mısır, Beyoğlu İstanbul
Until March 3
Maro Michalakakos, The Doors of Perception
Opening March 17
Ali Kazma, Tea Time


March 18 – Poetry readings
Ma chair médecine

Organization : Roxane Varone & Barbara Polla

Special guests : Tatyana Franck (Director Musée de l’Elysée Lausanne)
& Frank Smith (Writer and filmmaker) ; with a performance by ESPERIMENTOQUADRO

Cinéma Bellevaux, Route Aloys-Fauquez 4, CH – 1018 Lausanne
Thanks to Gwenaël Grossfeld

« Un corps. Et la poésie dedans. Et inversement. Et inversement dedans dehors. Et inversement dehors dedans. Et comment un corps ? Qu’est-ce ça veut dire, avoir un corps ? Et comment il agit, un corps ? Et que peut-il, un corps ? Corps qui peut, corps qui bouge, corps qui rythme, et corps qui erre, comment ? Mobile, nomade selon quelles migrations et en ligne pour quels projets ? Et inversement : corps nomade selon quelle ligne et en migrations pour quels projets ? Des os et de la viande, comment ils agissent ? Des os et de la viande et le pouvoir en place, comment ? Le pouvoir qui cherche toujours à fixer, à incarcérer, à dominer, et le pouvoir qui se dissémine, comment ? Et la poésie là-dedans ? Qu’est-ce que la poésie ? Dans quels cas la poésie et sous quelles conditions ? » (Frank Smith)


Opening April 11
Rachel Labastie, Djelem, Djelem
Vicolo di Sant’Onofrio, 10, 00165 Roma

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