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EDEN, EVA & ADAM in Geneva – June 21st

juin 19, 2017

For the summer of 2017, Analix Forever presents
a “première” duo show with Hungarian artist Eva MAGYAROSI and French artist  Laurent PERBOS

Opening in Geneva: Summer solstice night – June 21st

EDEN in many variations… as we encounter sculptures, drawings, videos, faces, voices, colors, matters, animals, childhood, scores for cello and piano… The EDEN composed by Eva Magyarosi and Laurent Perbos for this exhibition seeks the invisible, it hunts it down, deforms it and resuscitates it in order to raise questions: how do we confront realism, prevent boredom, and rise up against normality, quietude, habits, against betrayal and fear, against the lack of fever, against everything that puts sculpture and emotion in the background and against those who believe themselves entitled to comment and against the makers of traps? By implicitly raising these questions, Magyarosi and Perbos – EVA & ADAM or ADAM & EVA – highlight the role of the artist as interpreter: as analyzed by Károly Kerényi through the image of a philologist, « the better he interprets, the more he becomes himself the subject, both as receiver as well as messenger. His whole essence and being, his structure and his own experiences, become a factor that cannot be overlooked for interpretation.”

Both Magyarosi and Perbos create imaginary, lyrical and sensitive worlds inspired by art history and their own experience, in which they inoculate life into objects or situations. The result is a fascinating and curious mixture between the real, the everyday objects, the fantastic, the melancholia, the symbolic, the poetic… thus creating an illusion of the senses.

Eva Magyarosi, the gem of video animation of Hungary and beyond, has recently created (2016-2017), for the Kochi Biennial, ten animation videos under the generic title EDEN. These magic works presented at ANALIX FOREVER include and “animate” Eva Magyarosi’s own tales and drawings, stories and fantasies, dreams and realities, memories and bedtime poems, past and present: in a most generous creative gesture, the artist gives the viewer all of it – in ten videos with related stills and drawings.

Laurent Perbos, likes: playing, (re) building, “art-chitecturizing”, adding primary colours, cinder blocks, spheres and lines; playgrounds, football pitches, tennis courts; tears and arrows; rigor and derision. He uses symbolic or allegorical images such as the rainbow, the tree, or mythological characters inventing them a story. He is, according to Barbara Polla, the “Divine Rascal”, the Jungian trickster, sitting on the borderline of conscious and unconscious, earthbound but constantly transcending his fate, “a comedy of opposites”.

For EDEN, EVA & ADAM, Laurent Perbos, in addition to drawings and collages, created a unseen stuffed bird painted as Piet Mondrian: « After having used in my art many objects which did not specifically belong to the pictorial field, I strive to explore new semantic and poetic fields, where stuffed birds and their plumage become the painting itself… even if for now, it remains an utopia. »

In the exhibition, the black Niobe’s bust created by Laurent Perbos cries in the night of golden tears, for her sons and daughters, regretting her haughtiness. Where has EDEN gone? The exhibition suggests that, even if it does not provide happiness, EDEN is full of dreams, eccentric creatures and colors…


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