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CYCLIC JOURNEY – Rachel Labastie à l’Institut Goethe de Barcelone

septembre 27, 2017

Everything flows and everything returns. The debate concerning the essence and definition of time has fascinated philosophers, scientists and all categories of thinkers throughout the history of humankind. Among the various principles, measurements and interpretations of time —conceived by different religious, philosophical and scientific schools— the most widely known are the linear and cyclical readings. If we are not dogmatic, we can say that both movements —the linear and the cyclical— co-exist and intersect one another. Though the Greek philosopher Heraclitus stated that “no man ever steps in the same river twice,” we cannot deny the existence of phenomena that tend to recur and repeat.

Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio

Djelem Djelem, by Rachel Labastie, presents one of the most meaningful signs and tools of movement: the wheel. A wicker wagon wheel rotates slowly, fixed to the wall, evoking the ‘cyclic journey’. It speaks of nomadism, about the unstoppable motion of time and immediately arouses all connotations associated with such an emblem. Man’s wandering nature, the evolution of mechanical development, as well as spiritual symbols ―such as the wheel of Dharma― come to mind while observing the endless, cyclical movement of the work.

To know more about the project, click here (for english), here (for catalan).

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