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octobre 20, 2017

Conrad BAKKER, Marie HENDRIKS, Shannon PLUMB, Curtis SANTIAGO + Abdul Rahman KATANANI

19 – 22 OCTOBER, 2017
LE CARREAU DU TEMPLE – 20, rue Eugène Spuller 75003, Paris

THINGS are everywhere: we make them, we desire them, we need them, we get addicted to them, we reject them, we continue to make them, we search for their soul and for the best interactions, the best relationship to have with them… The things of Conrad Bakker are both ironic and iconic, made of both love and criticism. As an artist, Bakker aims to re-appropriate production, far from mass production. Starting from The Things, the famous book by French author Georges Perec (Les choses), Bakker makes a series of paintings based on online auction images of the book. This project examines the shifting relationship between authors and readers, buyers and sellers, images and objects, and books and commodities. Furthermore, Bakker proposes a whole series of other Things, things that become objects of art and objects for thought, objects to use, to love and objects to collect: a megaphone, a Kleenex box, a cactus, a projector, tapes and door stops… , all hand carved in wood and painted by the artist.

Along with Conrad Bakker, Curtis Santiago (first shown in Paris, while currently showing at New Museum in New York), will present vintage jewelry boxes with both bucolic moments and scenes of societal disaster in a collection of “things” – works – entitled « Infinity Series ». For many, the lid of the box serves as a backdrop for the particular environment, while the bottom serves as a stage filled with miniature figurines and elements of water presented as beach scenes and oceanic voyages. Shannon Plumb, the New York based film-video maker who is often presented as a 21rst Century female Charlie Chaplin, looks at what seems our favorite “thing” today, a mirror-like cell phone out of which emanates “the thing in her frame” that soon blurs the entire image… Are things preventing us to see the real world? But what is the real world?

Marie Hendriks presents some « drôles de choses », hybrids between precious dolls and yesteryear lights, sweet dreams and terror. Hendriks also proposes videos – but videos are the opposite of things, isn’t it? They are dematerialized art works! How does this work then? Well, the viewing screen is the thing…

The sculptured tree by Abdul Rahman Katanani, awardee of 2016 YIA, reminds us that art has the scope, among other goals, to transform the world with its things. Barbed wire when bound to an olive tree now tells us about the possibility of peace…

Please also attend Abdul Rahman Katanani’s solo show at Magda Danysz Gallery on December 2nd. With the support of Vent des Forêts.

The curator of the current exhibition “The Things” at Jeu de Paume, Sergio Mah, quotes Albert Renger-Patzsch : “There is an urgent need to examine old opinions and look at things from a new viewpoint. There must be an increase in the joy one takes in an object…

Opening hours
Friday October, 20th, from 12 am to 8 pm / Saturday October, 21st, from 11am to 8 pm / Sunday October, 22nd, from 11 am to 7 pm

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