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Curtis SANTIAGO in Geneva, with Ali KAZMA, Opening December 14

décembre 12, 2017

Curators: Nicolas Etchenagucia & Paul Ardenne

Opening December 14, 6 pm
Until February 14, 2018

2 rue de Hesse, 1204, Geneva, Switzerland

Curtis Santiago is, according to the well-known formula, a « mixed media » artist. Painting, performance, music, sculpture: the Canadian artist, native of Trinidad, has many strings to his bow. Santiago prevails a “pop” and popular approach to art, including the willingly direct expression of autodidacts, street artists and Soul musicians. He considers art as a way of writing the contemporary world: the continuation of life lived by other means, its recording, its aesthetic quote. Neither unionist nor soothing, the work of Curtis Santiago is crossed by recent history, and is irrigated by the spirit of cultural studies.

About his Dioramas (Infinity series), Curtis Santiago explains that «The work’s small scale allows me the opportunity for a very particular kind of meditation. The overarching theme to my sense of the vastness and the fragility of the world I inhabit; and my fleeting memories of this world. Both are modeled after personal experiences. »


Prison was filmed in Turkey, some two hundred kilometers east of Istanbul, on a snowy day. Ali Kazma decided early on not to shoot inmates, but rather to show the prison architecture as the main constraint imposed onto the body. The artist describes the prison as « a shell of the body », a complex structure designed to restrict the movement of the body, to restrict light and even imagination: the strongest model for all forms of limitations of the body. For Ali Kazma – as for Michel Foucault – the prison is primarily an instrument of power, power over the body. In Prison, this power is signified by the very absence of the body.

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