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janvier 6, 2018

« ESTE ARTE », Punta del Este, Uruguay

January 7-9, 2018
Punta del Este Convention and Exhibition Center

Av. Pedragosa Sierra esq. Aparicio Saravia, Punta del Este


With videos by Ursula BIEMANN (Switzerland), Janet BIGGS (USA), mounir FATMI (Morocco), Shaun GLADWELL (Australia), Abdul Rahman KATANANI, Ali KAZMA (Turkey), Thomas LASBOUYGUES (France), Eva MAGYAROSI (Hungary), Jean-Michel PANCIN (France), Jhafis QUINTERO (Panama), Mario RIZZI (Italia), raymundo (France), Frank SMITH (France)

For ESTE ARTE 2018, Analix Forever proposes a video project based on the concept of space, the video screen by itself being a specific space, a specific environment where artists unfold there own vision of space : the sub-aquatic space (Ursula Biemann), the memory space (Ali Kazma), the lost paradise (Eva Magyarosi), the dream space (mounir fatmi), the urban space (Shaun Gladwell), the prison space (Jhafis Quintero, Abdul Rahman Katanani), lost endless spaces (Frank Smith, Mario Rizzi, Jean-Michel Pancin), other yet unexplored planets (Janet Biggs and Thomas Lasbouygues), a space to play (raymundo)…

Space for the artists is always first a mental space, a representation of the world, of their world, whether this world is extremely open as for Janet Biggs, or very closed as for Jhafis Quintero. For the artists, space is first a sensation, a way to express his or her own conscience of a given environment, the result of a very personal elaboration. “I am, hence I am the space” (Paul Ardenne). The necessity to explore new forms of spaces is endless, as is the need to connect them with time.

ESTE FOCUS | Conversation with Paul Ardenne and Barbara Polla
7-8 pm, Sunday, January 7, 2018
How does a relationship between galerist and curator-art historian unfold over the years ? In order to work together on the long term, we need to create a win-win situation, where the benefit from the relationship goes way beyond a financial benefit. When the galerist does work as an explorer, then he or she can contribute as a source of constant update for the art historian, while the art historian will point to the galerist the vital artists to look at today. Furthermore, the generation of projects, the investigation of themes, media, the organisation of conferences, and writing represent potential fruitful territories for exchange and reciprocal learning. Only shared intellectual, philosophical and aesthetic approaches may keep the relationship going for years.

And in the Cultural Program, led by Martin Craciun, Analix Forever presents, on the theme of dance, videos by Ali KAZMA, Elena KOVYLINA & Lee YANOR.

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