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Eva Magyarosi, finalist of the UCB prize! 

février 28, 2018

If there are three components in the recipe for success, what do you
think are they? I have been trying to practice the process of making the creation of myself positively and screaming with experiences lately. If I do everything right at the moment that my work is good, it’s already a success because I did everything I knew and what I was capable of doing. So the three components I would like to highlight are: intense perseverance, the emergence of secrets, and the commitment to the task.

How did you know that this is your profession?
Plainly speaking, I’ve always been a sketchy, casual child. But often, random signals and situations have returned to this relatively broad track. I feel that this profession is difficult because, in spite of appearances, there is a need for a wide range of skills, many of which I still do not know or are learning right now. So the need for continuous development and enthusiasm can never fall.

What good counsel did you have during your career, which proved to be particularly useful and who said it?
Maybe I can mention a thought I’ve heard so far   ̶   Which is what one of my friends said   ̶ and only confirms the idea I say: in which man invests energy, it will eventually be realized in some form. However, this applies to both positive and negative stresses. So I guess it’s probably better to be optimistic, I guess.

What was your most memorable « bumblebee » during your work?
Then I used to hang in my stuff if I did not listen to my own intuitions . This does not mean I do not listen to the advice of others, but I make the final decision, taking my mistakes.

In your childhood, what would you like to be and why?
Ballet dancer and teacher. If I remember correctly, it was the idea of ​​my five year old self.

Who is the one who inspires and why?
My kids are encouraging me most now. I would certainly like to teach you two things, if you can, be happy to be happy and follow your dreams. And in this I have to be an example for them. This is not an easy task.

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