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janvier 24, 2019

Herman Bashiron Mendolicchio just published a Special Issue on InterArtive, a series of critical texts and art projects focused on the topic of Walking Art, co-edited with Yannis Ziogas and Stella Sylaiou. To access all contents, click here. Editorial.

Analix Forever contributed to this special Walking Art issue through WALKING MEMORY – a dream like journey narrated by Barbara Polla and Christos Panagos. This experimentation shared by Polla and Panagos is linked to the ongoing Sharing Perama project (Greece) around Robert Montgomery’s art in the public space. « Walking may deepen our understanding of the space and conceptualize the reception of Montgomery’s art in Perama. Walking for hours and days through the city, evoking memories that are essentially bodily, recalling memories meant to serve as a basis to construct a future becomes a live experiment that enhances our ability to transmit and share images, sounds, perceptions, feelings, and ideas. »

« Walking together creates bonds beyond reality and induces sharing of fantasy-inducing slow waves across brain borders. Walking is a drift. The authors of this assay shared a drift into their different, though convergent memories about a specific place and generated new ones: memories of a possible future. A drift into interstices that are usually unseen and unheard when you cross a place by car, public transportation or even bikes. A drift in a world of utopia, where trees grow on the hills of Perama, the seawater is crystal-clear, the kids of Perama are playing with golden sand on the beach and invent submarine science, Robert Montgomery’s pieces floodlit Perama’s tongue on land and foreign language poetry becomes the shared memory of beauty. Through walking together, looking, hearing, smelling, dreaming, these utopias became part of the authors’ shared experience of Perama’s space, a shared experience that may serve as basis for future realization: a cinematographic-like experience that could soon evolve into a film about Perama. »

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