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mars 12, 2019


SHARING PERAMA is an artistic and cultural ongoing project that aims to create links between the people of Perama (Greece) and contemporary art. The multi-faceted local project constructed around Robert Montgomery’s work will provide opportunities to experience art in the public space as a fertile ground for thought, confrontation, and discussion.

And the project is in motion! After receiving several donations and supports by private donors that allow the project to grow more and more, SHARING PERAMA has recently been receiving major institutional supports from the British Council, the Swiss Embassy in Greece and Outset Contemporary Art Fund (Greece) .

Following the invitation by the British Council to present SHARING PERAMA at the « Co – Museum conference » at Benaki Museum (November 2018), we are very pleased to announce that the British Council is officially giving its support to the participation of Scottish artist Robert Montgomery in our programme. One of the British Council’s greatest aims is to showcase the best of the UK in Greece, to broker meaningful cultural relationships and to create a friendly knowledge and understanding between the people of the UK and the rest of the world. It is a great honor for SHARING PERAMA and Robert Montgomery to be part of this vast program.
SHARING PERAMA is also sponsored by Outset Contemporary Art Fund (Greece), an independent charitable organisation supported by NEON. Outset’s missions is to direct funds to promote contemporary art in Greece based on the firm belief that art’s key role is to bring contemporary culture closer to everyone. SHARING PERAMA is very honored to participate in this attempt of broadening the creation and appreciation of contemporary art thanks to Outset.
Furthermore, the Swiss Embassy in Athens has been supporting the project since it’s initiation, following its progress step by step and encouraging its various aspects, whether artistic or cultural, with a particular interest towards the future pedagogic programs of SHARING PERAMA.

Check out the brand new website!





With AMI, mounir fatmi, Pavlos Nikolakopoulos & Guillaume Varone

Atelier AMI
10 rue du Gothard, Chêne-Bourg
Welcome by appointment, contact guillaumevarone(at)


The first exhibition held @ the new address of ANALIX FOREVER MOVING ART, entitled “SILENT PEACE”, is on since February 1rst, but is moving along. While the title of the exhibition is after a masterpiece sculpture by Pavlos Nikolakopoulos, the “musical silence” of the exhibition is henceforth magnified by mounir fatmi’s photographs of the ancient jail of Kara in Morocco. These iconic, serene images show how nature may overcome even jailing: the oculus of the ancient prison are progressively invaded by plants, herbs, leaves… The Wall also presents itself as an apparently peaceful horizon while revealing an implicit exhortation to freedom… A number of Nikolakopoulos’ white metal pieces surround and frame the works by AMI, portraits and souvenirs of the shipyards of Perama (see below), while the Swiss photographer Guillaume Varone shows new photographs of sublime beauty from his series Intimacy.




Opening March 28

With Janet Biggs & Yapci Ramos

Curated by Paul Ardenne & Barbara Polla
Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo (EAC), Montevideo, Uruguay



March 31, 5pm

Barbara Polla is invited by the artist Patricia Terrapon for a reading of her latest poem Just before love, published in the New River Year Book, for the finissage of Terrapon’s current group exhibition « Préliminaires ».
Villa Dutoit, Geneva
« La poésie : cette musique qui grandit comme un arbre dans la liberté du ciel » (Jean Starobinski)



Opening April 6
Hommage à Leonardo De Vinci

Group show organized by Patricia Laigneau
With works by Pierre Ardouvin, Adel Abdessemed, Giulia Andreani, Delphine Balley, Katia Bourdarel, Catherine Bret-Brownstone, Antonella Bussanich, Alessandra Caposacqua, ChangKi Chung, Céline Cleron, Nicolas Darrot, Laurent Grasso, Christian Hidaka, Ange Lecia, Wolfe von Lenkiewicz, Fabien Merelle, Jean-Luc Moerman, ORLAN, PANAMARENKO, Laurent Perbos, Alessandra Ragionieri, Antoine Roegiers, Daniel Schlier, Andres Serrano & Jean-Luc Verna.
Château du Rivau, Lémeré



Opening April 13


Moving images investigating the ways contemporary artists depict the notion of « feminity »
With Laurent Fiévet, Shaun Gladwell, Dana Hoey, Clare Langan, Erwin Olaf, Yapci Ramos, Mario Rizzi & Lee Yanor

Galerie Danysz
78 rue Amelot, Paris 75011



April 13 – 7pm


Lecture-Performance by Frank Smith & Julien Serve

POUR PARLER, the book published by Creaphis Editions, is released !
Following the exhibition POUR PARLER @ ANALIX FOREVER in Geneva, October 2015

Maison de la Poésie
157 rue Saint-Martin, Paris 75003



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