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Epiphany: I want the female gaze to conquer the world

janvier 5, 2020

On the Night of Epiphany, one year ago exactly, in Athens, during the “Logos Night”, I presented for the first time Maïa Mazaurette’s work. One of my obsessions indeed is to fight against the concealment, the silencing of female voices, and in particular, of our voices about our own sexual pleasure. My weapons for this fight are words and images, Poetry and Art. We call it “The Pleasure Revolution”.

And so talked Maïa Mazaurette: “As a columnist for French newspapers, magazines and radio stations, I’ve been writing about sexuality and women’s rights for more than 15 years. That has given me plenty of occasions to notice the obvious: we might say that we’re a free society, that desire knows no borders or genders, that women won the right to raise their voices in the controversial world of eroticism… it simply is not true.”

So here we are, with a constant stream of women more or less dressed, more or less vulnerable, eroticized in any imaginable costume, situation or color. I have no issue with that. Men celebrating their desire is healthy, and flattering. As a woman, I look at men, appreciate them. I want them, sometimes carnally and violently, sometimes as pure objects of contemplation. On occasion, I even want to be them.

Not that male bodies are never objectified: they definitely are… by gay artists. Whose art I treasure. But their obsessions are not mine, and women can’t just rely on men’s creativity. As feminists, such behavior would politically undermine our efforts, giving arguments to those who see us as puritanical.

My creative process mirrors my opinions. I’m not painting to comment harshly on men. For now, my personal quest is the pursuit of mainstream displays of beauty. My desire is not subtle. I don’t want it to be. I want it to be received at face value.

In my pictures you will see beautiful men, mostly naked. Or sex interactions, seen from a woman’s point of view. I add to my paintings a few elements traditionally considered as feminine: quilting, sewing, ribbons, soft “romantic” colors. I want the viewer to immediately know that I’m a woman.

In the years to come, I intend to dedicate more and more time to painting. I am still a beginner. But I am a ferocious one. I want this art to be shown, explained and discussed. But more than anything, I want to see the female gaze conquer the world.”

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