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Beautiful Penis on Diane Pernet’s Blog, A Shaded view on Fashion

mai 15, 2012

An article by Silvia Bombardini to read below or following this link

Dear Shaded Viewers and Diane,

When it comes to the subject, a sudden silence, deep and wary and so filled with meaning as only women’s silences can be, seems to unfurl all along art history. And it isn’t really about penises, not really, not since the seventies at least, it’s the « beautiful » what really shuts us up. There certainly is no lack of phallic images in feminist art, but they would either be standing there in hostile deportment or with a provocative mocking intent. What Barbara Polla wonders about instead, in the just released Tout à fait femme and now her Beautiful Penis exhibition, are the rare and joyful, admired and inquisitive interpretations of the masculine organ by a selection of contemporary female artists. From Elena Kovylina’s Blow Job to Michaela Spiegel’s Well Hung Half Done, the works currently exposed at NUKE gallery offer a voyeuristic glimpse into the ever broader spectrum of women’s sweet feelings around the topic. From envy to desire and pleasure, from religious references to scientific curiosity and sound and olfactory(!) representations, there is nothing aggressive about these penises but a soothing, peaceful attitude -somehow soft indeed, while very obviously not so.

Michaela SPIEGEL, Well Hung Half Done, 2011

Sarah LUCAS & Julian SIMMONS, The King, 2010

Ornela VORPSI, Donne nous notre jus quotidien, 2012

Joanna MALINOWSKA, Autoportrait En Fontaine, 2012

Beautiful Penis with: Vanessa Beecroft (Italy), Leslie Deere (USA), Tracey Emin (England), Dana Hoey (USA), Katerina Jebb (England), Elena Kovylina (Russia), Sarah Lucas (England), Joanna Malinowska (Poland), Maro Michalakakos (Greece), Sabine Pigalle (France), Michaela Spiegel (Austria) et Ornela Vorpsi (Albania)

from May 12 through June 16 at NUKE gallery, 11 rue Sainte Anastase 75003 Paris.

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