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Ongoing and Upcoming, October & November 2015

octobre 5, 2015

In Geneva

October 10th – Opening day, from 12 noon to dusk, in presence of the artists
“Duo – Duel II” – “POUR PARLER”
Julien Serve & Frank Smith

@Analix Forever, 2 rue de Hesse

Frank Smith writes. And draws, too. Julien Serve draws. And writes, too. Both are constantly inspired by the world, by what is continuously written about it, by information. The exhibition POUR PARLER (in reference to the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze) seals the encounter of the two artists. Frank Smith wrote 115 sonnets. Or may be they are “anti-sonnets”. Julien Serve did not want to illustrate them. He wanted to immerse in them. He draw while listening to them.
POUR PARLER is the result of this stand-in : duo, duet, duel, double…



October 16 – October 19
RAW ZONE : solo show, Joanna Malinowska
With a monumental piece by Robert Montgomery in the KING KONG AREA
Participation to the exhibition Some Velvet Drawings with a work by Stefano Arienti
Veronafiere – pad. 11 and 12 , Re Teodorico – Viale dell’Industria ; booth n° RZ 5 ; for all details click here.

Still from In the Mists, one of the 8 videos presented by Joanna Malinowska


November 6 – November 8
With BODY MEMORY proposition including artworks by :
Pascal Berthoud, Janet Biggs, Shaun Gladwell, mounir fatmi, Angus Fairhurst, Andrea Mastrovito, Ali Kazma, Elena Kovylina, Emmanuel Régent & Julien Serve
Oval, Lingotto fiere – Via Nizza 294, 10126 Torino ; booth n° 8, FUXIA line; for all details click here.


October 21 – October 25
First Biennale d’art nOmad – une Biennale en Camion : “Sublime de Voyage”
Directed by Clorinde Coranotto ; Curator Paul Ardenne

With Charlotte Beaufort, Janet Biggs, Tïa-Calli Borlase, Morgane Callegari, Mat Collishaw, mounir fatmi, Shaun Gladwell, Ali Kazma, Rachel Labastie, Fred Mars Landois, Fabrice Langlade (& Léo Haddad) Myriam Mechita, Maro Michalakakos, Robert Montgomery, Freddy Pannecocke, Laurent Perbos, Frank Perrin, Emmanuel Régent, Mario Rizzi, Julien Serve, Kelly Cavadas & Laura Miles.


October 28, 6.30-8 pm
Bibliothèque de la Part-Dieu, Lyon
In the context of the exhibition “Créer c’est résister”
(curated by Thaïva Ouaki, Departement of Arts et Loisirs, BmL): Paul Ardenne & Barbara Polla in conversation with Ali Kazma : “Les images résistent”
For details on the conference, click here.
For details on the exhibition , click here.


November 12 – November 15
« We only existe when we create«  with Janet Biggs, Nicolas
Daubanes, Elena Kovylina, mounir fatmi, Basir Mahmood, Maro
Michalakakos, Rachel Labastie, Jhafis Quintero & Frank Smith.

The theme of imprisonment, whether physical, as in being
jailed, or symbolical, as in our bodily, mental, and social
conditions, is a major contemporary theme, explored by
artists in many ways. The theme relates to multiple, universal limitations of human freedom.
In collaboration with The Art Department of Casa Dell’Arte
The Istanbul Convention and Exhibition center (ICEC), booth n°B1 – 401 ; 11 am – 8 pm ; for all details click here.



November 18, Opening, 7pm
“MEMORY & OBLIVION”, a video exhibition curated by Barbara Polla & Paul Ardenne

Opening, 6 to 9 pm
With : Leila Alaoui, Janet Biggs, Shaun Gladwell, mounir fatmi, Laurent Fiévet, Maha Kays, Ali Kazma, Elena Kovylina & Frank Smith
Station Beirut
STATION is a hybrid cultural space directed by Nabil Canaan and dedicated to presenting contemporary and progressive content and seeks to contribute to the regional creative scene by offering a platform for artists and curators in the visual, performing and digital arts. STATION aims to facilitate a collaborative approach to the creation, experimentation and presentation of cultural programs.


In Paris
October 27, 7pm
VIDEO FOREVER, « Jeux de mémoire« 

With, among others, Leila Alaoui, Guillaume Chamahian, CT Jasper, Maha Kays, Gianluigi Maria Masucci, Valérie Winkler, and the artists featured in BODY MEMORY (July 2015, for info click here)
Special Guest : Françoise Parfait
@ Topographie de l’Art, 15 rue Thorigny, Paris 3è


In Beirut
November 19, 8pm
VIDEO FOREVER, « Memory Games« 

Program linked to the exhibition « MEMORY & OBLIVION« 

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