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avril 28, 2016

Wednesday May 4, 7.30 pm

@ Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature
Rue des Archives, 75003 Paris

Free entrance – registration mandatory :

This session of VIDEO FOREVER on OCEAN is dedicated to Leila ALAOUI

A drink is offered after the projection, thanks to Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature

The OCEAN – or better said the OCEANS make up a global world with many faces. The surface and the depth, confrontation and immersion, deep diving animals and submarines, whales and their music, Poseidon and Bas Jan Ader, sailors and pirates, beauty and pollution, boarders and horizons, power and dreams, conflict and appeasement, fishermen and migrants, danger and joy…
But most importantly, in contemporary video art dedicated to the ideas of the Ocean (or at least in the current selection), there often emerges the notion of time. Time, whether linear or circular, whether measurable or infinite, has always been a major philosophical subject, but remains undefined even today. For many of the video artists selected for this VIDEO FOREVER session, the ocean appears to represent a « space-time » in front of which their gaze – and hence ours – loses itself in timelessness. Intimate, unseen under-water (all the more fascinating because it is unseen) allows the artist’s body – and hence our body – to dissolve out of time. In search of the miraculous, the oceanic myths become palpable, the romanticism rooted in the loss of den and the distance – now blurred by pollution that brings us harshly back from day-dreaming to reality and responsibility.
For some video artist’s presented, such as Janet Biggs and Shaun Gladwell, the dynamic interaction between man and the power of the waters is essential; for others, such as Leila Alaoui and mounir fatmi – the ocean is approached in a more political way.

With videos by Leila Alaoui, Annette Arlander, Janet Biggs, mounir fatmi, Anne-Charlotte Finel, Shaun Gladwell, Oto Hudec, Rita Jokiranta, Evangelia Kranioti, William Lamson, Janet Laurence, Todd MacMillan, Fernando Prats, Enrique Ramirez, Jean-François Robic, Frank Smith, among others.

Thanks to Leila Alaoui Foundation ; Gene Sherman ; Sarah Cottier Gallery ; Galerie Michel Rein ; Galerie Jousse ; Galeria Joan Prats ; Galerie Vincent Sator ; to AV-arkki, The Distribution Centre for Finnish Media Art, Finland ; and to IkonoTV’s video program « Art Speaks Out », curated by Vanina Saracino.

To learn more about VIDEO FOREVER please click here.


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