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INVITATION BODY MEMORY @Topographie de l’art

juillet 3, 2015

Opening – Vernissage

Saturday July 4 6pm – 9pm

15 rue de Thorigny, Paris 3ème

with Janet Biggs, mounir fatmi, Shaun Gladwell, Ali Kazma,

Jean-Michel Pancin & Robert Montgomery

Curator: Barbara Polla


The exhibition is open from July 4 to July 25, Tuesday to Saturday 2pm – 7pm


Memory and Forgetting, Body and Soul

Memory, a crucial aspect of our lives, is generally viewed as a mental phenomenon, a faculty of the mind whose function is to record, conserve and recall information. Without memory, it seems impossible to learn. Without memory, it would seem, civilisations could not exist or evolve.

By locating memory in the brain, scientists have once again established a hierarchy between the mind and the body. But what if memory also resided in the body? And if the body’s memories were even more essential than the mind’s? Still, can the body’s memories exist without the brain? Then again, who has thought to wonder if “mental” memories could exist without the body? And what about the twin corollary of memory, the wonderful, beneficial, vital ability to forget, which lightens, a force for relief, regeneration, rebirth and life itself? What does the forgetting, and how? The body or the mind?

This exhibition does not answer these questions, as the scope of art is not to answering questions, but to deepen them, to cast a different light on them. The five video artists of the exhibition, Janet Biggs (USA), Ali Kazma (Turkey), mounir fatmi (Morocco), Shaun Gladwell (Australia) et Jean-Michel Pancin (France), and the poet Robert Montgomery (UK) show us in diverse ways the preeminence of the body and its strategies for remembrance. Video art functions as does memory: storing images, getting back to them, mixing them, combining and transforming them, in a fluid, moving tempo. The vibrant space of Topographie de l’Art brings together twelve videos as well as drawings by mounir fatmi and Shaun Gladwell and a light poem by Robert Montgomery, alluding to the Trojan Horse as containing memories of the past and dreams of the future



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