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août 30, 2016

Solo show by Shaun Gladwell @Analix Forever

 SG e-flux

Opening Thursday, September 1st, 6 to 8 pm 
Exhibition from September 2nd to November 2nd, 2016

Analix Forever, 2 rue de Hesse, 1204, Geneva


Analix Forever is proud to present the first solo exhibition in Switzerland of Australian-born, UK-based artist Shaun Gladwell.

For Shaun Gladwell, movement comes first. From skate to bike and surf to plane, Gladwell experiments every gesture. Movement, driven to its extreme, becomes a perfect moment of stupefaction. And to further magnify movement, Gladwell slows it down, in a neo-romantic approach to mastering time.

The works presented at Analix Forever include video and photography, drawings and objects.
The major recent video work by Shaun Gladwell, entitled Skateboarders vs Minimalism (2016, commissioned by Catriona & Simon Mordant), will be shown as video street art. In this video, the high-flying skaters Rodney Mullen, Hillary Thompson and Jesus Esteban slide and jump in the Torrance Museum in Los Angeles, confronting themselves to sculptures by Donald Judd, Carl Andre or Tony Smith, the immobile presence of which competes for attention with the twirling figures of the skaters. Photographs and objects are shown along with Skateboarders vs Minimalism: John Baldessari’s edition skates, modified and signed by Shaun Gladwell, become unique pieces.

Shaun Gladwell is currently studying for his pilot’s license: another way to master gravity. In the video I also live at one infinite loop (2011), Gladwell films himself strapped in the cockpit of a military jet fighter (L39 Albatros) over Australia’s Hunter Valley, helmet in place and camera in his hands, struggling to hold it steady. Like a bird

In 2013, Shaun Gladwell was commissioned by the Rotterdam Opera House
 to create the scenery for a single performance 
of Wagner’s Flying Dutchman. This production owes to Bill Viola’s vision, particularly in the omnipresence of water – but is also filled with Gladwell’s own obsessions and romanticism, from water to fire, from stilts to wings, from birds to helmet.

Indeed, the helmet is prominent in Gladwell’s world: an instrument of concealment, an exoskeleton that masks man’s fragility, seeking to bind body and mind together and to protect life. The helmet/exoskeleton becomes a “generic head”, a style, an exercise of dissimulation and assimilation to a group, and a symbol for identity, departure and solitude.


In “The Devil has no Helmet”, the helmet in one hell of a state.

SG - helmets drawings 2015


Fore more information, click here.;

tel + 41 22 329 17 09 ; + 41 79 200 90 36


ROBERT MONTGOMERY : New books and a Biennial on the beach

août 29, 2016

Capture d’écran 2016-08-29 à 11.41.17

Capture d’écran 2016-08-29 à 11.43.07

Capture d’écran 2016-08-29 à 11.44.22


Shaun Gladwell à Anglet, pour la Littorale 6#

août 26, 2016

À Anglet, pour La Littorale 6#, Shaun Gladwell présente plusieurs vidéos réalisées entre 2000 et 2015. Celles-ci donnent la pleine mesure, par leur diversité, de la multiplicité des liens entre l’artiste et l’océan. Du skateur de Bondi Beach, à Sydney (Storm Sequence), au drame oedipien se déroulant non loin, dans les eaux du Pacifique (Family et Archer), du Vaisseau fantôme de Wagner au portrait de Nancy-Bird Walton (A portrait of Nancy-Bird Walton), la pilote mythique à la recherche de son mentor de vol disparu dans l’océan, Shaun Gladwell explore et filme l’océan, réservoir sans fond de sauvages représentations de notre monde.





Capture d’écran 2016-08-26 à 14.28.58

©Shaun Gladwell

Capture d’écran 2016-08-26 à 14.28.11

©Shaun Gladwell

IMG_8729_130702 small

©Shaun Gladwell

Almost nothing à Paréidolie

août 24, 2016

Capture d’écran 2016-08-24 à 13.58.01

For Paréidolie 2016, Analix Forever proposes a minimalist exhibition of two artists: Pavlos Nikolakopoulos (Greece) and Eszter Szabó (Hungary).

Pavlos Nikolakopoulos, committed artist as he is, has long worked on what he calls “the dense narration”. These highly charged works are packed with political theories, literary references, and slogans. This was at the very beginning of the year 2010. But in 2012, while “the terrorism of destruction flourishes” in Greece, Nikolakopoulos, pursuing the same train of thought, began to explore the dynamic equilibrium of desire, creating empty spaces in order to allow contemplation over critical examination. All narrative disappeared. White predominates appeared. Almost nothing. The spectator is invited to enrich the work by the meaning that he or she gives to it, and no longer by the interpretation of the narrative. Emotion reveals itself, pure, behind the cutting white, in forms even more powerful in that they tend to disappear: they, too, create a space for a new conceptual approach. Nikolakopoulos’ latest works reveal a formal minimalism that is even more poignant, charged with political questionings that are heavy with meaning.

Eszter Szabó, currently shown at Fresnoy, explores the “little nothings” of everyday life. In the sociopolitical life of a post-communist country like her own, where the current situation is, in her opinion, worrisome, she searches and collects demonstrations of public opinion in their greatest simplicity. Szabó stops herself, observing and taking the time to detect the smallest details, so familiar that they become invisible. Szabó then revives these details in her small drawings, where fictional characters are inspired by real individuals met, listened to, photographed, filmed and loved in the street by the artist. Eszter Szabó reveals their “essence”, showing us vulnerability, inertia, weariness, indifference, malice, as well as solidarity and empathy—the comprehension of “worldly things”. The greatest power of Sazbó (expressed in small format, without emphasis and in water color) is her ability to lead us to an identification with the subjects of her wonder, an identification that is often troubling.

The minimalism of Pavlos Nikolakopoulos and Eszter Szabó is an invitation to contemplation, leading us to the question: how do we live? What do we really need? Almost nothing: fullness.


août 23, 2016

À Anglet, les artistes sont au travail, enthousiastes et impatients de présenter leurs créations. Les oeuvres monumentales exposées dans le cadre de la Biennale Internationale d’Anglet « parlent » de ce que représente à ce jour un rivage océanique : une zone de plaisir pour les uns mais une barrière pour d’autres ; une zone de contact géographique ; un lieu de forte identité s’activant à la marge du monde continental mais ne pouvant faire comme si celui-ci n’existait pas. De la création joyeuse mise en scène par le collectif art nOmad à la Chambre d’amour, à la sculpture surréaliste de l’astronaute tombée du ciel présentée par le couple d’artistes C.T. Jasper & Joanna Malinowska, en passant par la reproduction de la cabane de Thoreau par l’artiste canadien Conrad Bakker au sein du parc écologique Izadia, chacune des oeuvres qui investissent le littoral interrogent de manière singulière les tensions et les contradictions dont les rivages font aujourd’hui l’objet.

Voici quelques images en attendant le vernissage vendredi prochain, 26 août 2016.

Avec des oeuvres de : art nOmad, Conrad BAKKER, Benedetto BUFALINO, Shaun GLADWELL, Rachel LABASTIE, Fabrice LANGLADE,  C.T. JASPER & Joanna MALINOWSKA, Andrea MASTROVITO, Robert MONTGOMERY, Lucy + Jorge ORTA, Laurent PERBOS, Kemal TUFAN et Abdul Rahman KATANANI.

Analix Forever: summer!

juillet 8, 2016

In Geneva

Until July 30

@Analix Forever, 2 rue de Hesse
More info here.

Jean-Michel PANCIN

Until July 30
In association with 50JPG
Video street-art, after 8pm, 2 rue de Hesse

Polish Pavilion of Venice Biennial 2015 revisited in Geneva !
September 1 – October 29

@ Analix Forever, 2, rue de Hesse, Geneva

In France

Curator: Aline PUJO
July 16 – September 11

With Roger BALLEN, Taysir BATNIJI, Yto BARRADA, Julien BERTHIER Jordi COLOMER, mounir fatmi, Alberto GARCIA-ALIX, Joana HADJITHOMAS & Khalil JOREIGE, Clarisse HAHN, 
More information here.

August 26 – November 2

Curator: Paul ARDENNE

With art nOmad, Conrad BAKKER, Benedetto BUFALINO, Shaun GLADWELL, Rachel LABASTIE, Fabrice LANGLADE, Joanna MALINOWSKA & C.T. JASPER, Andrea MASTROVITO, Robert MONTGOMERY, Lucy + Jorge ORTA, Laurent PERBOS, Kemal TUFAN and Abdul Rahman KATANANI

More info here.

Paréidolie, Marseille
Almost nothing
27 & 28 August

@Château de Servières, 19 Boulevard Boisson, 13004 Marseille
More info here.

In the air on Collectionair

BLINDÉS are on air
by Alexandre D’HUY

EXTREME – extended show on Collectionair
by Janet BIGGS

Also @ SCAD
To know more, please click here.

“Afar,” still from three-channel video installation with sound, 2016. Courtesy of the artist.

Watch the talk between Alexandre d’Huy & Barbara Polla

juillet 6, 2016

Capture d’écran 2016-07-06 à 10.47.21


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